How to Complete Irving Mausoleum Mystery in Redfall

How to Complete Irving Mausoleum Mystery in Redfall

With all the vampire and cultist activity in Redfall, you may be surprised by what you can encounter. One such place is in the Burial Point Cemetery in the Irving Mausoleum. Like many other areas, you’ll likely uncover this location while completing other missions. Naturally, this place seems to be holding valuables inside. That’s because it’s locked, and it’s not entirely made clear how to enter. Fear not. This guide will explain how to get inside Irving Mausoleum, complete the mission, and claim the loot inside.

The Irving Mausoleum – Burial Point Cemetery

The Irving Mausoleum - Burial Point Cemetery

There is a lot of lore that can be found in the notes and books scattered around Redfall. After defeating the Hollow Man, you’ll be able to leave Redfall Commons for the next location, Burial Point. This is a more densely packed area with a huge cemetery to the south of the map.

Even if you have abilities like Layla’s Psychic Elevators or Devinder’s Translocator, you’ll most likely have to take a long way around to a round that takes you up a hill to where the Cemetery is built. There are a decent number of vampires patrolling the area with Watcher perched on the highest points in the area. Use Sniper shots to take out the weak Watchers, and save the Stake Launcher for the other vampires.

If you follow the paths through the cemetery, you’ll be able to see the Irving Mausoleum from a distance. It’s a large temple-like structure that is toward the back of the area. Once you get in range, a gravestone icon will pop up and officially mark it on your map, though you won’t be able to fast travel to it. The Irving Mausoleum entryway is open but is blocked by an iron-fenced gate. The only thing to interact with nearby is a bell that is directly to the right of the gate.

To open it up, you need to ring the bell six times in a row. Don’t spam button presses, make sure each ring lingers for a second before ringing it again. After the sixth time, wait a few moments and the gate will retract. You’ll be able to enter the mausoleum and there will be an opening in the floor with a ladder leading down into the ground. Climb down it and have your flashlight on.

Irving Blood Remnant – Below Irving Mausoleum

Irving Blood Remnant - Below Irving Mausoleum

When you reach the bottom of the ladder, the Irving Mausoleum will open up into a surprisingly large cavern. Most of it is nondescript with not much to interact with and no enemies to worry about. Just follow the path ahead of you and you’ll come across some drops and a bag. If you open the bag, you’ll get the special head accessory called the Crypto-Sensor. Although it won’t actually improve your detection in any meaningful way, it will make your character look more like a hunter of the supernatural. It’s also separate from any outfit collection so it works with any ensemble.

Keep making your way along the path and you’ll eventually reach the bottom of the mausoleum caverns. You’ll be able to grab a few valuables for some extra cash as well as come upon the body of a recently deceased grave digger or robber. There are no rare weapon drops here but they will be a glowing treasure in this part of the cavern, a vial of Vampire Blood. Both well-hidden and connected to the prestigious Irving Family, it provides a pretty sizable passive boost to your health which will be helpful in the upcoming missions and boss fights.

However, be warned since as soon as you collect the Blood, a special vampire will appear and attack you. Labeled as The Burrower, this is an enhanced version of the Siphon variant. He can move very quickly and his most devastating attack can be used at a range. He’ll lock onto you and start rapidly draining your health, so make sure to keep objects between you and him to prevent this. Use UV Beams to slow him down and the Stake Launcher can deal heavy damage to end this fight quickly. Don’t forget to search his ashes for valuable drops.

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