Redfall Reveals Cross-Play and Difficulty Details

Designing a game meant for online play is one of the bigger gaming challenges, especially when it comes to accessibility. Bethesda is addressing this with its upcoming game Redfall, which will release with a range of cross-play options. It appears that it will be available across several major platforms, allowing for all sorts of users to play with each other. Of course, this brings up the issues with matchmaking and difficulty scaling. However, developers have disclosed details on this which indicates the level of work that is going into making this game playable by as many fans as possible.

Redfall Cross-Play and Scaling

Bethesda has some of the biggest IPs in gaming, with both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout in its corner. Redfall was shown at numerous gaming events, and is the company’s newest IP. And, thankfully, cross-platform support will be included.

According to a report from IGN, Redfall will have cross-play across PC, and Xbox, along with the Steam, Game Pass, and Epic streaming platforms. Though the developers at Arkane Studios have stated that the game will be playable across all major platforms, it’s unknown if it will be coming to PlayStation or Switch in the future. They’ve also described that difficulty scaling will be primarily based on how many players are in your team, with more inviting harder foes, similar to the system in Monster Hunter games.

Although Redfall will be an online multiplayer game, there’s a large co-op element to it. The lore of it has groups of human survivors facing off against waves of vampiric enemies. This makes it sound like a peer to the Left 4 Dead games, but with a greater focus on diverse character abilities and custom builds. The gameplay takes place in a small town where vampires have blocked out the sun . It’s up to your group to save the day… literally.

The vampire trend may not be as strong as it once was, but people are excited about what Redfall has to offer. Included with the package is a range of cross-play with a solid balancing system and the prospect of another exciting co-op experience.