How to Disable the Source of the Signal for Triangulation in Redfall

Getting rid of the vampire problem in Redfall takes guts, and we mean that from a literal perspective. As you act as one of the heroes in the game, you’ll come across Safehouses throughout the islands. These spots are safe areas you can use to retreat, reload, and embark on Safehouse quests. One in particular is the Triangulation mission you’ll acquire from the Old Town Safehouse. It’s one of the two Old Town quests you must complete to fight the respective Vampire Underboss. However, when it comes to disabling the source of the enemy signal for Triangulation in Redfall, some heroes are at a loss. Of course, connecting the Rooftop Antennas is one thing — locating the signal itself is another. Fortunately for you, this guide will explain everything you need to know to complete the task.

How to Disable the Source of the Signal for Triangulation in Redfall

How to Triangulate the Source of the Signal

Triangulation is the second Safehouse mission from the Old Town area in Redfall. Its initial mission, Carpe Noctem, involves instructions from Eva Crescente to clear out a Safehouse. This requires the player to power on a Safehouse’s lights back into function as they take down any nearby enemies. The process is quick to the punch, with the Safehouse’s door becoming immediately available once the power is back on.

Before we go ahead with the triangulation objective, we’ll need to connect two Rooftop Antennas in Old Town. Both will be glowing with a yellow hue until you activate the sources for the antennas. This part of the mission is relatively simple to follow along with; it pinpoints the two spots for you to go toward. Configuring these two will help you locate the source’s signal.

Expert Tip: Even when the sun’s light is peeking out, Cultists will roam the land while their vampiric allies stick more to the shadows. Since you can sneak away from Cultists, consider doing so if you’re low on health and ammo.

Locate the antennas on your map, or rely on your navigation marker at the top of your UI. Evidently, these antennas are located on rooftops, so you’ll need to do a bit of platforming to reach them. Once you connect to the medium-sized antennas, your next objective is to triangulate the source by searching for a third marker on your map.

How to Triangulate the Source of the Signal

How to Disable the Source of the Signal

This is where some players are getting lost. Access your map, zoom in on the two antennas within Old Town, and locate a dinted yellow circle. This is where you’re meant to go. However, since different playthroughs can be presented a bit differently, not everyone will have the same source. Despite the circumstance, finding the yellow circle is the answer to finding the source of the signal.

For us, our signal was established within Woodson’s Lobster Pound in Old Town. Another possible location is within a lovely home on the north side of Old Town. In either case, the marker will appear once you are within range. Of course, you can always stick with your own pings as opposed to what the game presents to you.

Upon approaching the yellow circle, the game will register your presence and will prompt the objective in question. Enemies will be nearby, so get yourself ready for some vampiric trouble. The source of the signal leads you to a satellite dish. Simply walk up to it to interact and disable it.

What To Do After You Triangulate the Signal

After you’ve disabled the signal’s source, you can return to the Old Town Safehouse to trigger the Vampire Underboss activity. These bloodthirsty baddies act more like mini-boss fights, with the difficulty becoming dependent on what you bring to the fight. Defeating a Vampire Underboss will result in the acquisition of a resourceful Underboss Skull.

Expert Tip: The Vampire Gods are meant to be encountered later in the game as you continuouslly level up. Ensure that you’re at a decent action level before you go up against one of them. It also helps to have a friend or two with you, as well.

Obtain enough of these Skulls, and you can eventually commence a fight with a Vampire God. There are 4 in Redfall that you must eliminate: Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, and Black Sun – the true antagonists of the game.

When all is said and done with the Old Town Safehouse, you can then move on to the next one in your effort to save Redfall!

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