Where to Find the Missing Dolls in Redfall

Where to Find the Missing Dolls in Redfall

Redfall has a lot of missions to keep you occupied, but you may never have expected to search for missing dolls. The main ones have you chasing after powerful beings called Vampire Gods. You start off in the Redfall Commons and the Vampire God in charge is the Hollow Man. The story will take you along a path to learn more about him until you get a chance to find a personal item of his called a Remnant. This will be used to enter his realm, make him vulnerable, and eventually defeat him. The Remnant will be found in a large Mansion, and you’ll need to enter a young girl’s Dollhouse to grab it. But before this mission concludes, you’ll need to hunt down and locate missing dolls. This guide will explain how to enter the mansion and where to find each doll.

Entering the Mansion

Entering the Mansion in Redfall

The Mansion is fairly isolated within Redfall, and it has a large vampire presence. Before you enter, make sure you have a strong Stake Launcher and Sniper Rifle in your loadout. Scan the perimeter of the Mansion to spot any vampires hovering above the building or perching on nearby structures. Be especially wary of Watchers (indicated by spotlight-like beams) and take them out with the Rifle. If you’re playing as Jacob, one of the game’s many characters, his Invisibility is very useful here.

Even if you are hidden, the sound of the Rifle will Alert some vampires. However,, they shouldn’t be able to pinpoint your location. Use their investigation routes to your advantage and equip the Stake Launcher. If you’re around level seven, you should have access to versions that are able to eliminate the average vampire with just one shot but you should still try to aim for the chest and head areas. Once the outside is clear, enter the Mansion.

The Dollhouse – Amelia’s Room

The Dollhouse in Redfall

The Dollhouse is locked behind a door that leads to a location called Amelia’s Room. The lock can’t be picked so you’ll need to find Amelia’s Room Key. This can be found in Addison’s Lab, which is on the west side of the Mansion. It’s easily identifiable due to a psycho-distortion bubble ripping through it. Enter the lab, grab the room key from the desk, and enter Amelia’s Room. The Dollhouse will be at the far end of the room with three outlines indicating three Dolls to place.

First Doll – The Attic

Doll Number One

The First Doll is not far from Amelia’s Room. Exit the room and then look for stairs leading up to the attic. Be careful as you’ll likely encounter two to three vampires hiding in the dark. If you are okay with giving away your position in exchange for avoiding an ambush, just fire a shot to get the Alertness icons to pop up. When you arrive at the Attic, look for a small and well-lit blanket tent against one of the walls. The Doll will be nestled inside.

Second Doll – The Kitchen

Doll Number Two

The Second Doll is arguably one of the safest ones to get, since many of the vampires will have been cleared out when you first enter the Mansion. Explore the ground floor and search all of the rooms for loot and any vampires lying in wait. You’ll eventually come across the Kitchen which should be near one of the corners of the house. Examine the counter and you’ll see the second of the Dolls sitting neatly upright.

Third Doll – The Greenhouse

Doll Number Three

The Third and final Doll is easily the most dangerous one to get. This is because it requires you to go outside of the Mansion. Make your way to the backdoor and see if you can get a good vantage point. You should be able to see Watcher beams so take them out first to avoid raising Alarms. After the Watchers are dealt with, use your Stakes any roaming vampires by patrolling the grounds and the airspace.

Once it’s safe, you’ll be able to cross the yard to the Greenhouse across the way. This building has a bunch of loot and items so do a thorough sweep. After that, you can check all the large planters to find the Doll sitting on a corner of one. Once you have all missing Dolls found and in your inventory, you’re nearly done.

Placing the Dolls

How to Place The Dolls in the Doll House

With all the Dolls collected and most of the enemies cleared out, you should be able to return to Amelia’s Room in relative safety. Once you do, head to the Dollhouse and place all the Dolls. This will establish a psychic connection and allow you to enter the Dollhouse. Make sure you’re prepared to enter since this can segment can take some time, and you’ll need to hunt down three Sin-Eaters before you can leave.

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