Refund Me If You Can Challenges Players To Risk Their Money

Since the dawn of online gaming, there have been trolls both on the player side and the developer side too. Proof of the latter kind can be found in games like the newly released Refund Me If You Can. This unusual horror game quite blatantly challenges anyone who comes across it to beat it within two hours so that they still qualify to get their money back. It’s not often that developers encourage people to refund their games. Now, this game is challenging players to solve their game and prove that the developers don’t deserve the price paid.

Refund Me If You Can: Calling You Out

Despite the negative feelings associated with fear, horror games remain some of the most popular, even if only for their entertainment value. There are all sorts from psychological to supernatural, and Refund Me If You Can mixes in a bit of both. Created by the team at Sungame Studio, the title of the game clearly presents a challenge to any player who reads it. It was released this month for the fairly low price of $3.99 so there’s not a huge amount of risk involved in picking it up from Steam.

As far as horror games go, Refund Me If You Can has a pretty straightforward premise. You play as a young woman having a nightmare from which she wants to wake up. Unfortunately, it has placed her in a series of dark sewers being hunted by a monstrous creature. The goal is to lead Sarah out of the sewer labyrinth while evading the monster. The only tools she has are flares which she can lay down to mark her path, Hansel and Gretel rave style. According to the description, there are hundreds of combinations of paths but only one which will lead to escape and the game’s end.

While it’s not clear whether the path is different every time, the fact that there’s only one way out is enough to make Refund Me If You Can seem daunting. For those feeling confident and wishing to snatch their $3.99 out of Sungame Studio’s hands, you’re being taunted to beat it in under two hours within two weeks of purchase. Good luck, Sarah.