Resident Evil 4 Remake Leaked by Wesker Voice Actor

Good news for Resident Evil 4 fans: it seems like the long-rumored remake may be a reality. That’s based on leaked concept art shared in a livestream by D. C. Douglas, voice actor of Albert Wesker in the long-running horror series. These new images show a high-def Wesker model, unlike that seen in any other games. As such, it’s set rumors flying that the much-desired remake could arrive soon.

Is The Resident Evil 4 Remake Coming Soon?

Resident Evil 4 Remake

If these new leaks are anything to go by, we could expect to see a Resident Evil 4 remake in the near future. D. C. Douglas deleted his Twitter account after sharing the posts, having acknowledged that posting them was in breach of an NDA. However, nothing disappears on the internet, so the images are still floating around.

The images show Albert Wesker in his waistcoat and arm strap, the exact same outfit he wears in Resident Evil 4. His role in that game is relatively small, only appearing towards the end of the main story. However, Wesker did appear as a playable character in Mercenaries mode, which would explain this why character model exists.

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a new version of Resident Evil 4 is coming out. These images could appear from a fountain of other sources. First of all is they could be unused assets from other Resident Evil titles, like the long-awaited Re:Verse multiplayer add-on to Resident Evil Village. That mode still isn’t out yet after a delay earlier this year, so that could be where these images are from.

However, given that Douglas signed an NDA to not leak these images, it appears that this must be from a more secret project than Re:Verse. Rumors have been swirling for years that a Resident Evil 4 remake is on the way — aside from this year’s VR remake — and this could mean we’re one step closer.