Resident Evil 4 VR Omits Add-On Content

The VR remake of Resident Evil 4 releases this week. It’s a much-anticipated re-imagining of the survival horror classic, making Leon Kennedy’s European adventures even more engrossing. However, upon industry insiders trying out the game, it’s clear that several add-on missions are missing. Among those is the beloved Mercenaries mode, as well as story expansions like Assignment Ada and Separate Ways.

Mercenaries and More Missing in Resident Evil 4 VR

Mercenaries and More Missing in Resident Evil 4 VR

Yes, if you’re buying Resident Evil 4 VR in hopes of playing the endless horde mode Mercenaries, we have bad news. That extra content is missing from this re-release of the game, alongside several other extra modes.

In total, the game is missing three of its post-campaign modes: Mercenaries, Assignment Ada, and Separate Ways. Assignment Ada let you play as Ada Wong, as you rush to collect four plaga samples to give to Albert Wesker. Separate Ways was more expansive, retelling the game’s key events through Ada’s perspective, with a nifty grappling-hook to boot. On top of the endless horde modes provided by Mercenaries, that’s at least three hours worth of Resident Evil 4 missing.

Even more confusing is a lack of clarification from Capcom, who own Resident Evil, and Facebook, who produce the Oculus Quest 2. In a statement given to IGN, Facebook confirmed that these modes wouldn’t appear, but failed to give a reason why. As such, it’s difficult to speculate the reason why. However, the additional remastering work may have been too much for developers. Alternatively, the constant action of Mercenaries mode may not have been compatible with the precise VR design. That’s speculation though — and it seems like we may never know the real reason why they’re gone.

It’s certainly a disappointment for Resident Evil fans looking to experience these modes in VR. Mercenaries in particular is a staple of Resident Evil games, even making an appearance in this year’s Village. While many are excited to see the beloved Resident Evil 4 hit VR, these omissions are a big shame.