Resident Evil Village Boat Key | How to Get

After first encountering Moreau in Resident Evil Village, you’ll find yourself in need of a new path in and out of his area, since he angrily barricaded his front entrance with goo. Fantastic. Following a short detour through some mines, you’ll stumble upon a boat that you could use to escape through the waterways, but what good is the boat when you can’t start it? You’re going to need the boat key. Here’s where to find it.

Where to Find the Boat Key in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Boat Key

First thing’s first, to find the boat key, head in through the entrance of the mines by Moreau’s, making sure to be extra careful of the Lycans roaming around inside at all times. Keep your shotgun handy and take corners slowly. From the entrance, head to the left and up the small staircase. Continue left and head past the small icon along the right wall, by the lightbulb, slashing it with your knife. Continue straight forward and drop down the small yellow ladder, taking an immediate right. Go forward and wrap around the right side of the wall in front of you. Once you’ve passed this wall, you should come across a landmark tree with a handful of hanging bodies and a plethora of Lycans. To the immediate right of this tree is a small shack with the door wide open, just begging to be robbed.

Head inside this shack and you should quite easily find the boat key on a rack. It’s red and suspended on the left wall right by the front door, virtually the only thing in the room that is lit enough to see. Interact with this key rack and pocket the boat key. With this, you can now enter and exit Moreau’s area through the waterways. Deal with the Lycans that are likely trying to kill you right now, then backtrack back through the mines until you once again come to the boat. Use your newly acquired key to start it up and continue through the story.

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