Resident Evil Village Combination Lock Codes | All Padlock Combinations

Resident Evil Village features three padlocks, all of which require a six-digit code to unlock. Thankfully, the developers opted to have set combinations for all three locks that are the same with every playthrough. They aren’t randomized, and so if you aren’t feeling up to it, you don’t actually need to go searching for the codes, as we have them here for you. For good measure, we’ll also cover where the combination lock codes are located, in case that interests you.

All Combination Lock Codes in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Combination Lock Codes

The Village – Workshop

After returning to the village for the first time, you will have access to a workshop where a locked metal cabinet can be found. A picture in the room will tell you to look out the window. Looking outside, you should be able to see some digits. By lining up these numbers with the ones on the window frame, you can reveal the code: 07-04-08. In this cabinet, you’ll find yourself a jack handle and a brand new pistol.

House Beneviento – Doll Workshop

The second of the combination lock codes is also found in a workshop, this time the doll workshop in House Beneviento as part of a puzzle. To attain the lock code legitimately, you must use the sink in the room you opened with the silver key to clean the blood-covered ring. By then examing this wedding ring, you can find the padlock combination: 05-29-11. Opening this padlock will allow you to progress further into the game.

The Village – Maestro’s Collection

Once you have gained access to Luthier’s house in the village, where Maestro’s Collection can be found, enter it to find the final of the lock codes. A nearby note that reads “I’ll never forget her fifth birthday” clues you into what to look for to find the combination. In the other room, you can find a painting of hers, dated 27.09.17. This is the last of the game’s combination lock codes: 27-09-17.

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