Resident Evil Village Courtyard Items | Where to Find

If you’re a completionist, odds are you’re looking for all of the Courtyard items in Resident Evil Village to turn the map from red to blue. There are a couple of different items in the area that you’re going to need to track down to completely search the area. However, once you know where to look, it’s not difficult at all.

Where to Find All Courtyard Items in Resident Evil Village

Courtyard Items Resident Evil Village

There are a total of five Courtyard items that players will need to find to turn the map from red to blue. These items can all be located on the ground floor and can be found within a minute or two if you know where to look. Here are the five items you’re looking for:

  • Handgun Ammo
  • Metal Scrap
  • Lei
  • Rusted Scrap
  • Herb

As soon so you enter the courtyard, head to the north corner and bust open the vase along the railing. Inside you’ll find the Handgun Ammo. Next, turn around and head south, past the entrance, and you’ll find another vase in the corner. This time, you’ll find Metal Scrap inside.

Continue down the corridor and look up when you get to the stairs. You’ll see a cage hanging from the ceiling. Shoot it down with your handgun and inside you’ll find 1,000 Lei. From there, head to the northeast corner of the Courtyard, and bust open the vase along the railing to get some Rusted Scraps.

To find the final of the Courtyard items, head to the center area and look in the shrubs that are located southwest of the “Courtyard” text on the map. If you look in the bushes, you’ll find an Herb waiting to be picked up. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re playing on a harder difficulty, the items you find inside might be different than what we have listed. However, the item locations will still be the same.

Viola! Now that you’ve found all five of the Courtyard items in Resident Evil Village, check your map and it should be blue. Oh, and while you’re searching, be sure to watch out for Lady Dimitrescu, because she will chase you if she sees you!