Resident Evil Village Crystal Skull | How to Get

There’s likely going to come a time in your Resident Evil Village playthrough when you need some extra Lei. Whether you need to purchase some extra ammo or get a new weapon, having plenty of funds in your pocket is going to be essential to survival. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get some extra Lei is by selling the Crystal Skull item. But just how do you get them?

How to Get Crystal Skulls in Resident Evil Village

Crystal Skull Resident Evil Village

Players can get a Crystal Skull by simply killing an enemy. This item is capable of dropping from any of the regular enemies in the game and can be sold at Duke’s Emporium for 900 Lei. However, it’s not a guaranteed drop. So just because you kill an enemy doesn’t mean you’ll get a skull.

It’s also worth noting, as you have probably learned by now, that you can’t kill every enemy in Resident Evil Village. Some literally cannot die. Further, others will require a lot of ammo, which is quite precious, and are more trouble than they’re worth. So if you want to go around farming for Crystal Skulls, we’d suggest looking for easy-to-kill, low-grade enemies.

The good news is, you’ll likely collect a handful of Crystal Skulls simply by playing the game. As you unlock new areas and defeat different enemies, you’re sure to pick up one or two. You may even have some now, so be sure to check your inventory. If you’re in need of some quick Lei, the Crystal Torso items dropped by each of the Dimitrescu sisters are also quite valuable. So you may want to sell off those too if you have any extra lying around.

Regardless, simply be on the lookout for easy-to-kill enemies (as easy as it gets in Resident Evil anyway) and you’ll likely pick up a Crystal Skull or two. Happy hunting!