Resident Evil Village Crystal Torso | What Does it Do?

As Resident Evil Village players make their way into Lady Dimitrescu’s chamber, they’ll come across a strange item called the Crystal Torso. However, unlike other items, this one doesn’t really seem to have a use but is quite valuable. Here’s everything you need to know about the mysterious item, including where to find it!

How to Get the Crystal Torso in Resident Evil Village

Crystal Torso Resident Evil Village

As you make your way through the Dimitrescu’s chambers, you’ll get a Crystal Torso as a reward for defeating each of the Dimitrescu sisters. The first one is by far the easiest to get, as the first sister you encounter will only take a few shots to kill. Towards the end of the fight, as she is about to die, she will turn into a pillar of dust and eventually disintegrate into the crystal. The other two sisters will be a bit tougher to defeat, but once you finally beat them, you’ll get the Crystal Torso as a reward.

Unlike other items dropped from bosses, this one doesn’t seem to have any type of use within the game. However, they are quite valuable, as each Crystal Torso can be sold for 5,000 Lei. So if you’re still holding on to one (or three) and are in need of some money early on in the game, be sure to sell them off. There is really no point in holding onto them, as they don’t provide any practical use. So you might as well sell them off and use the Lei to purchase something that’ll be useful to you.

So far, it looks like there are only three of these in the game, which makes sense considering there are three Dimitrescu sisters. Don’t be tricked though, getting the second and third Crystal Torso won’t be an easy task. However, at least there is a valuable reward waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Good luck!