Resident Evil Village Demo Extended by a Week

To the delight of fans, the final timed demo for Resident Evil Village is getting a one-week extension. The teaser, focusing on the village and Castle Dimitrescu, will be available until May 10.

Initially released exclusively on PlayStation on April 24, the Castle demo was available only through that weekend. Understandably, fans weren’t happy at the limited time frame. Initially limited to thirty minutes, people complained about not being able to find the time to enjoy it. Capcom has remedied this by ensuring it is playable for all, up to three days after Village’s release.

This came after a demo focusing on the eponymous village, released on April 17, which will be accessible once again, with the same window as the Castle demo. Combined, the demos end up at an hour, as both sections are interlinked and playable concurrently. Crucially, Capcom’s announcement today revealed the demos will be available on all platforms, not just PlayStation. This means players on Xbox consoles and PC can now get in on the survival horror action.

While this demo weekend won’t add any additional content for PlayStation players, it does mean everyone else will get a preview of what horrors face Ethan Winters next month. The timed element will remain, but other than that, it’s a much more generous offering of what Village has in store.

This news come on the same day as a new Village easter egg pays that tribute to the merchant from fan-favorite Resident Evil 4. In demo footage captured by Kotaku, the game’s merchant says “What’re ya buyin’?” This is a welcome nod to the merchant in RE4, who uttered this direct line in the series’ 2005 entry. Village is sure to contain more nods to the franchise, since this wink to fans is present in the demo. It marks a shift from 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which kept ties to the mainline series very limited.