Resident Evil Village DLC Adds Story Expansion and More

As part of the Capcom Showcase at this year’s Summer Game Fest, the developer announced a slew of new Resident Evil Village DLC. We already knew that an expansion was in the works, but yesterday’s event was the first we’ve seen of it. Called the Winters’ Expansion, there are three strands: A new story expansion, a third-person perspective, and Mercenaries mode additions. Read on to learn all about the much-anticipated Resident Evil Village DLC.

Resident Evil Village DLC Called Winters’ Expansion Announced

Resident Evil Village DLC Called Winters' Expansion Announced

Yes, one of the key pieces of Resident Evil news is the upcoming Village expansion. The focus is a new narrative campaign called Shadows of Rose. It follows the daughter of the game’s protagonist Ethan Winters, set sixteen years after the ending of Village. Alongside that, new characters are coming to Mercenaries mode, as well as a third-person camera for the base game.

In Shadows of Rose, the protagonist is struggling to come to terms with her mold-induced powers. Working on the behest of a company headed by Chris Redfield, she entangles with the Megamycete, the fungus that gave her these powers. That triggers a dizzying series of psychological experiences as she goes into the consciousness of the Megamycete and witnesses various hallucinations. From a seemingly identical version of herself to an evil merchant spewing out enemies, it’s very trippy.

Also in the Winters’ Expansion is a new third-person camera option. Village was only playable in first person, and as such we never saw Ethan Winters’ face. This third-person mode will adopt the over the shoulder perspective, with new animations to boot. On top of that, new playable characters are coming to Mercenaries mode. They include Chris Redfield, Lady Dimitrescu, and Heisenberg. That’s on top of new stages, adding hours more fun to the arcade mode.

The Resident Evil Village DLC releases on October 28, 2022. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet. Capcom previously said it would be free, though that may be subject to change. Nonetheless, the chance to dive back into Village is certainly a welcome one!

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