Resident Evil Village Graveyard Door | How to Open

As you make your way into the Graveyard portion of Resident Evil Village, you’ll come across a locked gate with some hidden treasures behind it. However, figuring out how to unlock the graveyard door is proving to be a bit tricky for some. Unlike other locked doors in Village, there doesn’t seem to be a puzzle or key that unlocks this gate. So how do you get it open?

How to Unlock the Graveyard Door in Resident Evil Village

Graveyard Door Resident Evil Village

To unlock the graveyard door, you will need to defeat Angie, the creepy doll that’s being controlled by Donna Beneviento. Once you have defeated Angie, circle back to the gate and you’ll find that it’s now unlocked. Behind it, you’ll find the Broken Slab, which can be used to claim Beneviento’s treasure.

As you head back down from Beneviento’s house, be careful because there will be a fresh spawn of enemies waiting to kill you. Once you’ve taken care of them, head over to the gate and grab the slab.

With the slab in hand, head back into Beneviento’s house and you’ll come across a miniboss that’s guarding the Beneviento grave. This is a tough fight, so make sure you come prepared. Once you defeat the boss, walk up to the tombstone and place the slab from the graveyard door on it. Doing so will reward you with Berengario’s Chalice. Take the treasure back to Duke’s and he will reward you with 18,000 Lei.

The only way to get the Chalice is with the Broken Slab, so if you want to claim Beneviento’s treasure, you’re going to need to unlock the graveyard door. Luckily, it happens naturally, so you might as well grab it while you’re on your way. The hardest part will be the boss fight, but as long as you come prepared, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.