Resident Evil Village Lady’s Lipstick | Where to Find Lady Dimitrescu’s Lipstick

Ethan needs to scramble to get every advantage he can in Resident Evil Village. He is, and should be, willing to stoop to stealing makeup to get some cash. The Lady’s Lipstick in Resident Evil Village is a treasure that you can find, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to get. If you’re looking out for completion, or just wanting to get a tiny bit of cash as you work your way to the Vampire Lord herself, then we’re here to help!

Where to Find Lady’s Lipstick Location

Resident Evil Village Lady's Lipstick Location

In order to get the Lady’s Lipstick in Resident Evil Village, you’ll need to get to Dimitrescu’s Chambers and get to the bathing area. This requires you to make your way through most of the castle, and through the puzzle with the pool of draining blood. Head through there, clear through to the Terrace, and walk through the zone to get to the Lady’s Chambers. Then, head to her bathroom and open her cabinet to get the Lady’s Lipstick.

This is fairly deep into the Dimitrescu House, so you’ll probably have to do a few puzzles beforehand. You have to have killed one of Dimitrescu’s daughters and placed a bottle of Sanguis Virginis in an alcove. If neither of these acts ring a bell, then progress through the story a bit; you’re probably just not quite there.

After you’ve gotten the lipstick, you might wonder if you need to keep it for any reason. Unfortunately, it has no real value outside of selling. Just hand it to the Duke for a modest (but kinda small) 6,000 Lei. It’s free money, so definitely worthwhile, and you really just had to open a cupboard for it. But, it does seem a little weird that this high-quality lipstick from an undead vampire Lady fetched such a meager price.

Oh well! Lady Dimitrescu just paid for the shotgun bullets that’ll end her life. Or whatever you plan on spending your new Lei on!

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