Resident Evil Village Lockpick Locations | Where to Find

In most survival horror games, the ability to quickly and easily pick locks is super important. Heck, it’s important in most RPGs in general! Because of that, you might want to know where the lockpick locations are in Resident Evil Village. These are useful goodies that can get you some extra resources, so it might be nice to know where they are. Well, we’ve got you covered!

Where to Find Lockpicks in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village lockpick locations

There are 11 total lockpicks in different locations throughout Resident Evil Village. These 11 Lockpicks unlock eight different cabinets, doors, and items throughout the game. There is one lockpick that you can get from the Duke, three at Castle Dimitrescu, five in the Village, and two in Heisenberg’s Factory.

The ten lockpick locations are in the following places:

  • Duke’s Emporium: Buy it for Free
  • Castle Dimitrescu: At the corridor next to the 1st-floor kitchen, to the left of the entrance. Near the Plaza.
  • Castle Dimitrescu: In the attic, in the most distant room of the floor. If you’ve found the Treasure Chest, you’re nearby.
  • Castle Dimitrescu: In the armory, just chillin’ on a table.
  • Village: In the Maestro’s House, near the toilet.
  • Village: Garden, in the hut close to the garden. If you find the W870 TAC, you’re near where were it is.
  • West Old Town (Village): In the West Old Town, you’ll need the Well Wheel to get to it.
  • East Old Town (Village): It’s near the water wheel, but you’ll need the Iron Insignia Key to get to it.
  • Village: There’s one last one in a well, in the northwest area. This time, you’ll use the Well Wheel to go inside of the well.
  • Heisenberg’s Factory: Inside the operation room in MB4.
  • Heisenberg’s Factory: On a white shelf in MB3. It’s in a wide area inside the tunnel.

Lockpick Loot

The eight different loot locations are as follows:

  • Village: House beside the Maiden of War Statue
    • 7 Shotgun Shots
  • Castle Dimitrescu: Hallway near kitchen
    • Wooden Goddess Statue
  • Castle Dimitrescu: Near the Maroon Eye Wing, on 1F, near the center of the map.
    • 4 Shotgun Shots
  • Castle Dimitrescu: Opera Room’s Annex (on the 2nd Floor)
    • 6 Sniper Rifle Ammo
  • Leonard’s House
    • 7 Shotgun Shots
  • West Old Town
    • 7 Sniper Rifle Ammo
  • Heisenberg’s Factory: Casting Room
    • Yellow Quartz (10000 Lei)
  • Heisenberg’s Factory: The shelves in the place where you used the Relief of the Horse
    • 3 Magnum Shots

Now that you know where to look, grab a lockpick and pick up some extra gear — you’ll need it!

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