Resident Evil Village Map Shows the Franchise Embracing its Roots

With the launch of Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X just weeks away, developers Capcom are slowly but surely revealing more details about the game. In today’s news, we get our first look at the map and a mysterious spectre named Mother Miranda.

In a scoop from IGN as part of their month-long preview of Village, fans were treated to a look at what the eponymous village will comprise of. Most notably is Castle Dimitrescu, which is sure to be the gothic-inspired home of the immensely popular Lady Dimitrescu. A factory, a large body of water, and other industrial areas were all on display.

While there’s no further specifics of what these areas will entail, it’s safe to assume that Village will follow the same pattern as 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, where each section of the game — from the Baker mansion to the Old House and the Boathouse — harbored a different type of threat.

For now, details are thin in terms of how the village’s design will contribute to the game. However, IGN also revealed our very first glimpse of Mother Miranda. She’s a character seemingly in cohorts with Lady Dimitrescu, and whose role is almost certainly sinister. Capcom has described her as “a presence worshipped by the villagers,” perhaps hinting at cult-like plot threads. Of course, there’s also the eerie painting of her captured in-game showing a decrepit and haunting woman.

Still, director Morimasa Sato isn’t revealing everything about Mother Miranda. He says it’s “better for the players to find out for themselves.”

Considering this is the first we’ve seen of her in any promotional material, perhaps this isn’t a surprise. The Resident Evil franchise is notably keen on keeping late-game secrets hidden, and Village seems like it’ll follow that trend. I’s a safe bet to assume Mother Miranda will be causing us plenty of trouble when Village launches in May.