Resident Evil Village PS4 vs PS5 | What’s the Difference?

The newest entry in Capcom’s horror darling has arrived. Resident Evil Village was built for the newest generation of consoles, and so the PS5 is the definite edition of the game. However, it is available for play on the PS4 for those that haven’t made the switch just yet. What’s the difference between Resident Evil Village PS4 vs PS5? Are you missing out on a lot playing this game on an older edition of console?

Resident Evil Village PS4 vs PS5 Explained

Resident Evil Village PS4 vs PS5

The big differences between PS4 vs PS5 for Resident Evil Village are the loading times, graphics, and controller options. The PS5 is the superior console in all of these categories; Resident Evil Village will load faster, look better, and feel more interactive on the PlayStation 5. That being said, the little improvements that the PS5 gives to you should not prevent you from trying the game on the PS4 if you want that’s your current console.

Perhaps the most prevalent bonus is the loading time. Since the game tries to load areas on the fly or during cutscenes, the PS4 might see decreased performance while you’re moving between zones. That’s not a huge deal, but if you’re looking for a smooth gameplay experience, you’re more likely to find it on a PS5 vs. PS4.

Your graphics will be better on a PS5, but you probably knew about that. A rather underappreciated benefit is your Dualsense controller, which the PS5 exclusively has. You can really feel all of the hand-based trauma that Ethan goes through, as well as have a better sense of your interaction with the game’s world. Jokes aside, there are actual changes between weapons and rumbles that are only available with the PS5 controller, so there’s an actual tactile difference between consoles. That’s kinda cool!

There’s also the 3D audio, which is always nice to experience in a horror game.

But please, don’t let this stop you from playing this stellar game on PS4. It’s really worth a grab, even if you can’t get the newest console for it quite yet.

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