Resident Evil Village Spinning Spikes | How to Escape

There are some deadly traps scattered around Resident Evil Village. Whether Ethan must endure danger during a cutscene, or you’re running away from one yourself, you have to keep your eyes out. Because of that, the Spinning Spikes in the early game of Resident Evil Village are a sign of things to come. If you’re having trouble getting away from the spikes in the early parts of the game, we’ve got you covered!

How to Escape the Spinning Spikes in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Spinning Spikes

Like many deathtraps in Resident Evil Village, the secret to surviving the spinning spikes is hidden in the walls of the arena. Check the back left corner of the room (based on how you entered it). In that corner is an alcove that you can hide in to barely escape the spinning blades, if Ethan keeps his back to the wall. Because of this, you’ll stay alive, and you can continue Ethan’s quest into the village.

You may want to break the boxes nearby first, but avoid that instinct. Ethan can’t break them yet; his hands are still bonded together. He’s able to gather the loot afterward, once his bonds are broken though. So, save exploring for when you’re not about to be impaled by the spinning spikes!

This is a trend in Resident Evil Village; if you’re stuck in a dangerous room, it’s very likely that you’ll need to duck into an alcove. Because of that, whenever there’s something dangerous in the room, you should check for exits or weird stuff on walls. That includes being chased by antagonists!

Resident Evil Village is, currently, the most recent entry in the Resident Evil franchise. Take command of Ethan once more on his quest to retrieve his daughter from sinister forces. However, even Ethan is unprepared for the steps that are taken against him… Even from within his body.

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