Returnal | List of All Artifacts

Returnal has a ton of materials, resources, and items in every game loop. Every time you enter the game, you have to scour for resources and items to refill your inventory. Because of that, knowing what items to search for, and when, is going to be useful. Artifacts are some of the most important items in the game. They’re useful items that you collect every run, and can easily make your experience much easier. Sometimes they are used instantly, other times they’re passives. No matter what, it’s good to know what each of them are. Our Artifact List for Returnal will help you know the names and know what to collect.

Returnal Artifact List | Every Artifact in the Game

Returnal Artifact List

Here’s the complete list of every Artifact in Returnal. It’s worth noting that nearly all Artifacts are found as random drops. There are only a couple of exceptions, such as the Astronaut Figurine that appears in the Overgrown Ruins biome as part of the story. Others, like the Blown Nightlight or Two-Way Radio, can be purchased from the room with multiple fabricators found in the first biome. Finally, certain Calibrators have guaranteed spawn locations, such as the one that appears at the start of the Crimson Wastes.

  • Blown Nightlight: Increases weapon damage by 10% when on full or low integrity.
    • Can be found in the Overgrown Ruins, and purchased in the first biome.
    • Really great comeback tool! As you get better at the game, it’ll become an even better way to smash through the game.
  • Astronaut Figurine: A one-time resurrect, right where you died.
    • Found in the Overgrown ruins after the House sequence. Also purchasable in the first biome.
    • As useful as a resurrect normally is. Really worth scanning through the first biome for, especially if you’re stuck on a new boss.
  • Wound Seekers: 30% more damage to targets with low health.
    • No downsides; just execute enemies faster
  • Unfed Pod: +20% Stagger per attached parasite.
    • You’re not always going to be covered in parasites, so this might not always be your best bet. However, if you’re already using some… Why not?
  • Recharging Response: Reduces Alt-Fire cool down by five after getting hit.
    • Not something to rely on. Good for emergencies.
  • Damaged Robot: Increases invulnerability after getting hit.
    • Great for a lot of rooms where you’d otherwise get overwhelmed. Not amazing for boss fights unless they’re laser-based.
  • Recharging Overload: Reduces Alt-Fire cool down by five after overloading.
    • Extremely good for building your skill at performing active overloads.
  • Broken Calibrator: Increases Weapon Proficiency slightly.
  • Worn Calibrator: Grants Weapon Proficiency.
  • Modular Calibrator: Grants some Weapon Proficiency.
  • Pristine Calibrator: Large Weapon proficiency buff.
  • Enhanced Calibrator: A massive boost in Weapon Proficiency.
    • Calibrators are all fantastic! Grab them when you can.
  • Pulsating Mass: +Max Integrity when attaching or detaching parasites.
    • Time to start grabbing parasites! They aren’t usually worthwhile without this buff, since now all parasites give you health.
  • Progenitor Egg: Attaching or detaching parasites heal integrity.
    • Great combo with Pulsating Mass!
  • Murmuring Cocoon: Buffs the positive effects of your Parasites.
  • Phantom Limb: 10% chance of healing integrity on enemy kill.
    • Perfect! Healing is hard to come by, and enemies certainly aren’t.
  • Music Box: Plays a song near secret locations.
    • Great for learning where the Developers hide secrets.
  • Fractal Nail: +10% Weapon Damage while malfunctioning.
    • Great for some parasites, or if you are already malfunctioning.
  • Energy Manipulator: +20% Protection for a short time after using a consumable.
    • Buffs all consumables, just a touch.
  • Blade Balancer: Increases the damage of your melee attack.
    • Your melee attack is great, and now it’s better!
  • Two-Way Radio: Picking up Ether gives you some protections.
    • Useful, since you’re picking up Ether anyways!
  • Golden Coil: +5% Weapon Damage for every 200 Obolite (Max: 20% at 800 Obolite)
    • Great flat damage buff.
  • Resin Enhancer: Reduces the amount of Resin needed to upgrade Integrity.
  • Visceral Knot: 20% chance that hostiles explode when killed.
    • Great for swarm rooms!
  • Obolite Stabilizer: Grants three extra seconds to claim Obolites.
    • Fantastic for collecting Obolite.

Suit Artifact List

These artifacts are linked to your suit.

  • Adrenaline Stimulants: +5% Weapon Damage per Adrenaline Level.
    • Awesome flat damage buff! Perfect for rooms with giant swarms.
  • Emergency Stimulants: +15% Weapon Damage when at very low health.
    • Not reliable, but it’s at least a big buff to your damage.
  • Execution Bolts: Melee kills generate two bolts that hit nearby targets.
    • Great for making melee safer and more consistent. The bolts do passable stagger, and increases your damage.
  • Execution Coolant: Reduce alt-fire cool down by five seconds on melee kill.
    • Fantastic buff to the melee build, as long as your alt-fire is good!
  • Overload Bolts: Fires two bolts when you overload.
    • Overload is important to learn, so this just makes your active reload that much better.
  • Repair Circuit: Heal when gaining or fixing malfunctions.
    • Not bad, but certainly not essential. Malfunctions aren’t worth it! Grab it if you’re likely to malfunction anyways.

And that’s our Returnal Artifact list! Check out some of our other Returnal guides for more on this awesome roguelike!