Returnal Confirmed For PC Release Next Month

Certain titles release with exclusivity but eventually work their way onto other platforms. Returnal is one such title, having been initially limited to PlayStation 5. Thankfully, the now know the game will be coming to PC in February. Despite its exclusivity, it proved to be one of the most successful titles to appear on the PS5. It has fast-paced, challenging combat and impressive aesthetics to keep excitement levels high. Now that the specs of the game have been analyzed thoroughly, PC users will finally have a chance to experience it for themselves.

Returnal Is Coming Soon To PC

Coming up on 2 years since it appeared on the scene, Returnal by Housemarque has continued to remain popular in the gaming community. Its main drawback was having restricted reach due to being PlayStation exclusive, but that will change on February 15th. On that day, the game will become available for download on PC through platforms such as Steam. According to IGN, the PC version will come with the option to experience the game with increased resolution, specifically at 21:9 and 32:9. Even with all the development to port the game, the developers recommend PC users invest in powerful drivers and graphics cards.

Returnal caught the eye for being a big-budget and visually impressive roguelike title. Most titles in this genre are 2D in nature, so it stands out, being a detailed 3D entry. Of course, roguelike games are also extremely popular due to their replayability. The idea behind such games is that each area that a player enters is randomly generated every time they arrive. This means that area layouts, enemy types, loot, events, and other encounters are different each time you visit. Naturally, this happens often, since death is frequent in roguelikes, and Returnal especially.

Games have various reasons for launching on only one platform, but conditions permitting, can step into others. The highly-praised roguelike Returnal will finally be sharing its gameplay on PC come February 15th.