Returnal Music Box | Where to Find

Returnal has a lot of random items and artifacts for you to find throughout your runs. From the impressive Bolt attacks to synergies with parasites, there are loads of builds to try. However, some artifacts aren’t as useful as others… At least, not on the surface. The Music Box of Returnal doesn’t give Selene any combat power or survivability, butt’s still a really useful item to get while you learn the ins and outs of the game. So, how do you find this useful tool?

Where to Find the Music Box in Returnal

Where to find the Music Box in Returnal

The Music Box of Returnal is an artifact that can spawn in any biome. So, if you want the Music Box, you’ll have to search through every map and shop to see if it spawned this time around. The Music Box is specifically used to find secrets on the map; once you get within a small range the secret, then a small music note will play for you.

When this sound plays, you can start shooting around at walls and holes in the ground to claim your secret. These can be very highly rewarding rooms, including Obolite chambers, Fabricators, Containers, parasite Pods, Atropian Keys… Or they could be ambushes. Have your weapon ready and reloaded as you drop into these rooms, because you can always get in a fight.

While the Music Box is nice, there’s no real reason for you to use it once you know what secrets look like. It’s better to trust your eyes and just collect the items that you want. It’s not necessary or even that helpful for finding secrets, since they aren’t very hidden in the first place. Pick it up if it’s completely free, and maybe try it out if you’re having trouble finding crumbling walls or holes. However, once you start noticing the crumbling walls or secret holes by yourself, the Music Box becomes far less useful.

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