Returnal Red Door | How to Unlock

Returnal brings our protagonist Selene through a lot of doorways. Whether these are literal or metaphorical, you’ll run into different types of gates which grant you access to story, goodies, or unlocks. Because of that, you might run into a red door or two in Returnal and wonder what they’re all about. What will open a red door? What do they unlock, and what is the key that is needed to unlock them? Find out in our guide!

How to Unlock The Red Door in Returnal

Returnal Red Door

The red door in Returnal is a sign that you’re about to run into the boss of the area. That means that you’re about to fight the threshold of the area, and you might want to make sure you’re ready with gear and upgrades before walking on through. Once you enter the door, you can go back, but you’ll be pulled into a fairly tricky fight.

The first red door is for the Anathema Vault, which is the boss of the Overgrown Ruins. To get the key to this door, you’ll need to explore the level, find the Atropian blade, and blast through the red barrier.

This pattern will be repeated in each of the biomes that the game asks players to battle through. The boss is linked to the biome, so you can practice fighting the boss as long as you can make it to the biome.

In each area, exploring until you find the key to the red door is critical. Exploration will also get you weapons and upgrades that you need for the rest of the game. If you want to get far in Returnal, make sure you’re constantly getting through maps to get the upgrades and key items that you need. Not only will you need keys, but you’ll need weapons and upgrades to blast through challenges.

Some of these upgrades, like the Atropian blade, will upgrade you permanently. But, you’ll want to check out the maps anyway if you want to stay on the game’s difficulty curve.

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