Roblox: Jailbreak Cargo Port | Where to Find

The Jailbreak game in Roblox is among its most popular. Whether you play as a Criminal or Police, it will serve you well to know exactly where everything is, as well as how to best navigate to it while avoiding Police players or conversely, how to best catch Criminals. One of the most important spots in Jailbreak is the Cargo Port, as it serves as the drop-off point for stolen crates and containers. We’ll show you where it is!

Where to Find the Cargo Port in Jailbreak

Jailbreak Cargo Port

In Jailbreak itself, the Cargo Port is more officially known as the Crime Port. Just as it implies, it is a port area located on the southern end of the map. When you pull off a successful heist as a Criminal, this is where you need to get to, and fast. Police players are often patrolling this area, as well as many points in the City to the north to arrest or shoot Criminal players trying to turn in their Crate or Container.

The best way for Criminals to approach the Cargo Point on the ground is from the northwest. The south and east areas have a lot of hills that will slow down or stop you if you approach on foot or by car.

There are a few narrow passageways between these hilly areas, but you need to make sure the areas are clear of Police. Many Police players use the Cargo Port as a corral area to make easy arrests against Criminal players. With that being the case, it’s best to approach fast and quick so you can drop off your loot and cash in.

You’ll deliver your goods and get paid! Once you have plenty of money, you can buy many of the weapons and vehicles Jailbreak has available. Also, you can go to the Trade Port in the northeast part of the map to trade for good custom items.