Roblox: Project Slayers | Best Breathing Style

If you’re new to the Roblox platform, Project Slayers is a great place to start. This game based on the hit anime Demon Slayer is brimming with high-octane action and varied combat styles. These are called Breathing Styles, with each one giving you a different buff during fights. If you want to know the best Breathing Style in Project Slayers, you’re in the right place.

What Is the Best Breathing Style in Project Slayers?

What Is the Best Breathing Style in Project Slayers?

For overall utility, the best Breathing Style in Project Slayers is Water Breathing. It has six different moves of varying potency, but all of them are powerful attacking sequences that’ll leave enemies in the dust.

The first three moves within the Water Breathing Style are reasonably high-powered. It starts with Water Surface Slash, where you perform an upwards dash. This sends a spurt of water towards enemies, buffeting them in the process. Next is Water Wheel, where you spin to create a vortex that sucks in enemies, causing damage. The third one is Water Serpent. No points for guessing what this does, as you conjure up a huge water behemoth to ensnare rivals for massive damage.

However, it’s the last of the three moves where the Water Breathing Style really comes into its own. Drop Ripple Thrust sends a ripple of water to land damage, but sadly it won’t break any blocks. Waterfall Basin makes your character dash into the air and slam a water burst on enemies down below once you land. It can deal huge amounts of damage, and even breaks past blocks. The same can be said for Constant Flux, which sends a water spurt towards your rivals for as long as you keep the move active.

With those powerful moves in your arsenal, it proves that the Water Breathing Style is by far the best in Project Slayers. It won’t be the easiest to unlock, but it’s more than worth the effort.