Roblox: Project Slayers Insect Breathing | How to Get

Roblox Project Slayers is a great action RPG that emulates the world of Demon Slayer in great detail. It even allows for learning different Breathing Techniques. In this guide, we’ll be going over how to learn Insect Breathing, just one of the many techniques you can learn in this Experience.

How to Get Insect Breathing in Project Slayers

How to Get Insect Breathing in Project Slayers

Before going into the details of learning Insect Breathing, there are a few requirements to know. You must be at least Level 12 and have 5000 Wen. Also, you cannot already have a Breathing Technique. Otherwise, you will either need to start a new character or pay 300 Robux to reset your Breathing.

If you’ve met these conditions, then it’s time to go to Butterfly Mansion to speak with Shinobu, the Insect Hashira. She will have a location marker, but is found just to the left of the Spawn Crystal in Butterfly Mansion. Once paying her, you will have to begin several training trials.

The first one is Target Training. Simply activate the stool in front of the tree to the right of Shinobu and targets will appear on the wall. Just hover your mouse over them and click to destroy them. Doing this will fill a slowly-draining progress meter. Fill the meter to pass the training. Speak with Shinobu again, and she will direct you to Breathing Training. This is on one of the mats in the training building behind her. Activate the mat and a bar will appear with a small blue area and an indicator moving back and forth in the bar. Put your cursor in the dot below the bar and click each time the indicator is within the blue area. Do this until the progress bar fills then return to Shinobu again.

This next training is a bit of a distance away. You will be directed to move a boulder, but the location of the boulders is about 1700m away, so you’re in for a bit of a hike. You can choose either boulder and after picking one, you’ll see a direction indicator telling you where to pull it. Do this then make the trek back to Shinobu once again. This time, you’ll have to challenge one of the girls in the back room to the cup game. During this, you’ll be prompted to press several keyboard keys until the slowly-draining progress bar fills up again.

After you complete this, it’s once again back to Shinobu for one more task. You will have to defeat the Insect Trainee, Shiron. Shiron is a pretty challenging boss fight, so be ready for it. Once beating Shiron, you will finally get Insect Breathing. Select your sword and your Insect Breathing Techniques will appear on the right side of your screen, along with their commands. To unlock more of them, you’ll need to use these techniques during fights to increase Insect Mastery.

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