Roblox: Project Slayers Lantern | How to Get

Roblox: Project Slayers is a surprisingly well-built experience meant to play as an RPG in the world of Demon Slayer. Part of the game is the day and night cycle. Night cycles can last a while, and will leave many players outside of a town in the dark, quite literally. Many players have Lanterns equipped to help them see during this time, and here’s how you can get your very own Lantern!

How to Get the Lantern in Project Slayers

How to Get the Lantern in Project Slayers

Fortunately, getting your hands on a Lantern is easy and can be done early on. From the starting Kiribating Village, head out of town and take the path facing south. Go over the bridge stay close to the tall border hills and mountains to the right. You’ll see a clearing to the right after a short while before coming across a town. This is Kabiwaru Village. If you came across Butterfly Village to the left when facing south, then you went too far. Just as well, you can use a Map Point to unlock the village as a Fast Travel point.

Enter Kabiwaru Village and an NPC icon with white hair should show on your screen. Follow the icon and it will lead you to Kenzie. Simply speak with her and she will offer to sell you the Lantern for 600 Wen. If you’re short on Wen, you can earn it quick by heading back to Kiribating Village and repeatedly helping Sarah pick rice. This will earn you 120 Wen each time you complete it.

After doing this five times, you’ll have enough Wen to purchase the Lantern. No more running around in the dark at night!

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