Roblox: Shindo Life Kenjutsu Mentor Location | Where to Find

The Kenjutsu mentor is one of the most useful NPCs in the Roblox game Shindo Life. They’re a fairly new addition to the game following their introduction in March 2022, but they’re definitely worth finding. Doing so will insure you’re trained in high-level skills including all-new Kenjutsu powers. To learn where to find this specific mentor, we’re here to help!

Where To Find the Shindo Life Kenjutsu Mentor in Roblox

Where To Find the Shindo Life Kenjutsu Mentor in Roblox

In Shindo Life on Roblox, the Kenjutsu mentor is located in Nimbus Village. When you first load into the game and see the map, select that area to go off and find the NPC. Then head to the Sovereignty Summit POI, and look for the Land of Iron.

More specifically, if you find an archway made of metal with a four-story building before it, head over there. Walk into the building, and the Kenjutsu mentor will be sat at the back of the room. From there it’s a simple case of interacting with the NPCs to level up your Kenjutsu moves. These are special Shindo Life attacks you trigger using the Q key.

However, novice Roblox players on Shindo Life won’t instantly be able to train with the Kenjutsu mentor. Instead, you need to have already decided whether you’ll fight one-handed or two-handed. This is the difference between using a singular katana for 10,000 RELLCoins or a dual wield katana for 20,000 RELLCoins. Once you’ve made your decision and equipped the weapon, the Kenjutsu mentor can help you.

Doing so will make your Q attacks even more powerful. That will ensure you can lay waste to the various powerful bosses and nimble enemies dotted around the Shindo Life map. Becoming the ultimate fighter isn’t easy, but having the Kenjutsu mentor by your side makes things a lot more straightforward.