Rocket League | What Is A Center?

When it comes to driving a car at your opponents and (occasionally) the ball, one might not think Rocket League has much room for tactical keywords. However, they would be wrong. One of the new goals in Rocket League  involves an action called “center.” This might seem like a pretty generic term, but is good to know for your quests and point count in the lategame. So, what is “centering” and why do you need to care about it?

What Is A Center in Rocket League?


In Rocket League, a center is when you move the ball from the outside of the court to the middle of the court, towards the middle line. Bumping the ball towards the center will award you 10 points with a big ol’ CENTER icon in orange. This means that the game has accepted that you moved the ball or puck towards the middle of the arena to set up a shot.

This is an aggressive action that puts the ball into the most vulnerable of positions. You might do this to set up a shot, get the ball away from enemy control or dribbling, or even in order to pass. While the center requires you to shoot it from the outskirts into the middle of the arena, it doesn’t need to perfectly land on the dividing line or anything like that.

While centering might be a good idea to get your quests done, it can be a little bit risky to pull off all the time. If you are dribbling the ball or puck down the side of the arena, flicking it into the middle might open it to stealing or unexpected bounces. If you think you can get away with it, and your team is in a good place, centering is a great way to get points and help out. However, in general, controlling the ball tends to be a bit better, and it’s hard to center while keeping control of the ball!