Rockstar Launcher Still Down After GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Launch

The much-anticipated GTA Trilogy finally launched yesterday, but PC players are unfortunately unable to access it. While the game at least runs on consoles, its PC version is marred by launch errors. Rockstar Launcher, the proprietary portal to access the game, went down on launch day (November 11), and remains in that state even now. This server outage is also impeding other Rockstar online titles, like GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

GTA Trilogy‘s PC Launch Brings Down Rockstar Launcher

GTA Trilogy Rockstar Launcher

Yes, some element of the GTA Trilogy launch has caused Rockstar Launcher to crash. This means players are entirely unable to access the games on PC, as well as other Rockstar titles supported by the service.

It’s currently unclear why this outage is happening, as Rockstar has yet to comment on the issue. The game appears to run without fault on the other platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch. As such, PC owners are left confused as to why this offline-only game is causing such widespread issues.

Even worse is that all games linked to Rockstar Launcher are currently inaccessible. Even titles like GTA Online, which is entirely separate to the remastered trilogy, are unavailable on PC. Players will equally be worried by a lack of comment from Rockstar. They have provided no update on when the service will resume. However, the Rockstar Customer Support page acknowledges that the Launcher is down. As such, we can expect some development in the near future.

It’s certainly bad news for Rockstar, given the less-than-positive reception to the trilogy. Console players have criticized its graphical glitches and lack of polish. Yet PC players are even more disadvantaged, entirely unable to try the game out. Considering Rockstar removed other versions of the games from PC marketplaces to precede this release, it leaves the GTA Trilogy in a very bad state.