Rockstar Moves Forward With GTA 6 Despite Leaked Footage

Game studios are more protective of their properties than arguably any other entertainment industry in the world. Still, sometimes their work is exposed. Unfortunately, exactly that has happened with GTA 6 after a hacker leaked development footage. However, the team at Rockstar remain undeterred as they have announced they plan to move forward with its development with no major changes. Since it was revealed, the gaming community has been keeping a close eye on GTA 6, but apparently, someone couldn’t wait to unwrap it.

Rockstar Responds to GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay

The GTA series is Rockstar’s most popular and profitable series. Still, there hasn’t been a new entry since GTA 5 came out in 2013. Just mentioning GTA 6 was enough to get people excited even before development was confirmed earlier this year. Because there is still no set release date, most of the game was kept under lock and key. That is, until an unknown hacker was able to pick the lock and steal a look at the IP.

As Rockstar explains, the hacker posted “early development footage” of the sequel. The footage included a gameplay demo plus a cutscene showing what appears to be a pair of main characters. Even though the reveal has been ruined, Rockstar’s statement to Gamespot proclaims that development will “continue as planned.”

The GTA series has gotten bigger with each game, but the core concept has stayed the same. Each title has you playing as a person connected to the criminal world in one way or the number. As you do odd jobs and earn trust with the locals, you’ll move up the underworld rankings. Before long, you’re the one calling the shots, or at least until you have enough money to retire. Based on the officially released details of GTA 6, the game will take place in a Miami-style city and appears to feature the series’s first-ever female protagonist.

GTA 6 joins God Of War Ragnarok as one of the most anticipated sequels announced this year, but an unnamed hacker has ruined a big part of its surprise. Still, Rockstar will persevere and remains confident that will be able to deliver an incredible gaming experience despite what may have been leaked.