Rockstar Removes Red Dead Redemption From PlayStation Streaming

The catalog for the PlayStation store seemingly grows by the second. Still, that doesn’t mean removing titles doesn’t carry weight. Rockstar, the studio behind the highly successful GTA series, has decided to remove its popular title Red Dead Redemption from PlayStation streaming services. Considered a western-style GTA game, the game enjoyed enough success to lead an even more popular sequel. Even so, the original considered a classic by many is seemingly no longer available on modern Sony consoles.

Red Dead Redemption Leaves The PlayStation Equation

In 2010, Rockstar tried to provide a new kind of virtual crime experience with old-west flair in Red Dead Redemption. Despite certain criticisms about its pacing and other gameplay qualms, it proved to be profitable and worth following up with a sequel in 2018. It was seen as revolutionary for the sheer size and detail of the world, meaning it made a huge impact at the time.

Sadly, it seems players will no longer be able to experience it through their PlayStation 4 or 5. After six years, the game is no longer available through PS Plus, effectively disabling it on PS4 and PS5. Curiously, this news comes on the heels of early reports that Rockstar cutting ties with Grove Street Games, who were set to develop remasters for GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar knows how to create sandbox crime games, and so applied that to its Western-themed release. Set in 19th century USA, you play as John Marston, a reformed criminal who has been contracted by the government. In exchange for hunting down his old partners in crime, Marston will be granted a full pardon for his crimes. As he chases down his old gang, Marston can occupy himself with a number of other activities and quests.

Rockstar has been surprising a lot of people with its decisions lately. Its reputation has taken a severe blow as a result. By removing Red Dead Redemption from highly accessible platforms, the company will only alienate its community even more.