Rogue Legacy 2 | How to Free Dragon Ladon

One of the unique NPCs that you’ll come across in Rogue Legacy 2 is Ladon the Dragon. This gigantic creature rests within Pishon Dry Lake, but he’s unfortunately chained and imprisoned. Don’t give up hope just yet, though! In order to free Dragon Ladon, you’ll need to collect a couple of keys that’ll open two distinctive portals. Upon freeing the dragon in question, you’ll then fight one of the main bosses of the game. If you’re running around the Kingdom trying to figure out how to free Dragon Ladon, we invite you to read on.

How to Free Dragon Ladon in Rogue Legacy 2

How to Free Dragon Ladon in Rogue Legacy 2

To free Ladon the Dragon, you first need to collect both the Onyx Key and the Pearl Key. This task is a part of the “Breaking the Chains” insight. The two keys can be found near tuning forks spread across Pishon Dry Lake. You can locate these forks by referring to the white spots on your map. They’ll be in different rooms, so you’ll need to do some spelunking here. Keep in mind that they each cost 45 Resolve, so make sure you have enough when going on your search.

Once you have one or both keys, you then need to unlock the Onyx and Pearl portals. Unlock these portals with the keys to initiate the mini-boss fights that must be completed before returning to Ladon. The Pearl portal pits you against Briareus the Hammer and Cottus the Sword; for the Onyx portal, you’ll be fighting Gyges the Axe and Aegaeon the Shield. Defeat these four living weapons, then you can finally return to the imprisoned dragon. A tiny cutaway will confirm his freedom.

When you return, Dragon Ladon will express his sincere gratitude for helping him. And due to your efforts, he then reveals the location of Estuary Tubal: inside his own stomach. Head inside, and the next boss fight will commence. But don’t worry if you lose your current heir to Tubal. Ladon is now permanently free, giving you the advantage to fight Tubal as many times as needed.

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