Rogue Legacy 2 Long Rest Insight | Where to Find

In Rogue Legacy 2, there are a series of secret insights that boost damage dealt against specific bosses. These insights are incredibly helpful, giving you a whopping 15% damage bonus against the area’s final encounter. Not only does this make the boss fight significantly easier, but it’s a permanent upgrade that will make future attempts better, too! The Long Rest Insight in Rogue Legacy 2 is the 15% damage buff for the Sun Tower’s final encounter. But if you’ve noticed, it feels like there is no secret room on the entire climb. Where is it? And is there a way to get to it easily? We’ll tell you!

Where to Find The Long Rest Insight in Rogue Legacy 2

RWhere to Find The Long Rest Insight in Rogue Legacy 2

The Long Rest insight is guaranteed to spawn in the teleporter room of the Sun Tower. While climbing up the left side, instead of bouncing off of the void lift, use a Class Ability or Spell to break the wall to the left, shown above. This wall does not have cracks in it, so you’ll just have to trust us! Head to the right from here.

The next part is a little tricky. You’ll have to spin kick off of the rotating spiked pole once or twice to get enough height to get to the wooden platform above your head. Once you get on the platform, double jump with the Aether’s Wing and use your Class Ability or Spell on the wall. This will cause this wall to break, allowing you to head in.

Once you’ve reached this point, all you have to do is walk into the back room and talk to the insight. This’ll give you a note and a 15% damage bonus. There’s no other rewards back here, so feel free to back out.

Similar to the Stygian Study Cloud Room, this secret room is hard to find without some hints. The game cheats a bit by not showing cracks in either of the two breakable walls. Thankfully, you don’t need to get the hints in order to get into these rooms. Get your bonus damage against Irad so you can get the Sun Lantern! Hopefully, this can help make the boss attempts go a bit faster.