Rogue Legacy 2 Stygian Study Cloud Room | How to Cross

Rogue Legacy 2 and secrets go hand-in-hand. In every single corner of the castle, you’ll find plenty of different corridors and challenges to test your mind. However, there are secret passageways, and then there’s the cloud room in the Stygian Study. This room is impossible to pass by any means; no parkour, no tricky spells. Nothing! There is a single way to get through, though… And it is a little bit silly.

How to Cross Cloud Room in Stygian Study

Rgoue Legacy 2 Stygian Study Cloud Room

In order to cross the cloud room in the Stygian Study, you’ll need to press the Interact button. This is the same button you use to open chests, talk to Charon, or open doors. By pressing this button, you’ll open a bridge that will allow you to walk directly to the other side. This area will grant you a 15% damage bonus against the boss of the area, Estuary Enoch.

This area is critical to completing the Study, since 15% damage is extremely nice. You’ll usually find the Cloud Room on the right side of the Stygian Study, as the room can only be entered from the left side. Just look for room spawns that allow you to head to the right and you’ll find it in no time.

Once you have the bridge, all you need to do is walk to the right. Characters who are giant might not always be able to walk between the clouds, but most other characters can. When you reach the tower, if you do not have the Aether’s Wings, you can simply hit the Interact button again. This will spawn some platforms to help your character jump to the top. Then, interact with the blue spirit to get your just reward!

This is the secret chamber which will grant you a bonus to boss damage. This bonus is permanent. You can get this on a run and then keep it for all future attempts.

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