Rogue Legacy 2 Sun Lantern | How to Get

Rogue Legacy 2 is the definition of a rogue-lite game. Your individual heirs travel through a horrifying castle in an attempt to reclaim their history. To aid in their efforts, they’ll need to find the Heirlooms, a series of items that grant you permanent upgrades. The Sun Lantern is one of the latest Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2. It is needed to enter the Pishon Dry Lake, the six-star area. If you’re confused about how to get this heirloom, then we have your back!

How to Get the Sun Lantern in Rogue Legacy 2

How to Get the Sun Lantern in Rogue Legacy 2
The Sun Lantern, the heirloom needed for Pishon Dry Lake, is located at the beginning of the Dry Lake. You must defeat the boss of the Sun Tower named Estuary Irad, the five-star area’s boss. This enemy is located at the top of the Sun Tower. After he is defeated, talk to the Nameless Knight NPC at the beginning of the Pishon Dry Lake, the region to the south of Citadel Agartha.

In order to get the Sun Lantern heirloom, the Sun Tower must be scaled. In order to scale the Sun Tower, you’ll need to get Pallas’ Void Bell. Once you have that heirloom, alongside the Aether’s Wing item to double jump, you are free to climb the Sun Tower. This region is located above Axis Mundi, usually around the center of the map.

Enemies in the Sun Tower are level 82 and above, so make sure your Heirs are around that point! Enemies hit hard around now, so leveling up armor will be crucial so you can make mistakes.

Estuary Irad himself is a very powerful and difficult boss. He requires you to pay attention to three eyeballs at a time, which all fire projectiles out of them. Make sure to use Void Dashes to get through the dark walls, and try to get some anti-projectile magic or class abilities to clear dangerous rooms.

Once Irad is dead, talk with the man in armor at the beginning of Pishon, and he should give you the Sun Lantern. If he doesn’t, you may have to retire your hero and restart your run for him to appear.