Rogue Legacy 2 Vitality | How Health Works

As with many other roguelikes in the industry, Rogue Legacy 2 allows the player to upgrade their characters. There is a variety of stats that ultimately affect each individual playthrough. But luckily for future heirs, these upgrades are permanent thanks to the ever-expanding Castle. The choice is up to you on which upgrades to focus on, but we’ll be looking at how Vitality works since the game isn’t exactly straightforward in explaining its effects on your heirs. Therefore, we put together this brief guide to help explain how Vitality works in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy 2 Vitality Explained

Rogue Legacy 2 Vitality Explained

In a nutshell, upgraded Vitality adds 10 hit points to the heir’s overall pool. Each class comes with either low, average, or great health, depending on whoever you select upon starting up a new run. And they all come in different ranges for both HP and Mana. For example, Mages start up with low health and incredible mana, while Knights get both great health and mana. It’s also important to note here that the Barbarian class is equipped with an extra 20% Vitality bonus. These act like their base points, with any purchased Vitality upgrades coming into effect once you spawn at the Castle.

The Castle comes with a few continuous upgrades that become available the more contribute to your progress. Off the bat, you’ll start with Mess Hall, which is the first stage in updating your Vitality. Eventually, you’ll be given more options to improve your overall HP. These include both the Juice Bar and the Meteora Gym enhancements. That’s why it’s essential to accumulate as much gold in the game as possible to ensure some steady growth for your Castle.

In addition to the Castle upgrades, the game does offer different items that can be picked during your runs that increase your max HP. The Gnawed Bone and the Blessing of Life relics come to mind, and you find them throughout the Kingdom. You also have a couple of runes that can scale with your Vitality status to have a smoother playthrough. The Retaliation and Quenching runes are the ones to look out for.

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