Rumbleverse | Is Crossplay Supported?

Rumbleverse introduces a slew of new Battle Royale challenges for players to tackle. The new game from Iron Galaxy exclusively features melee combat, coupled with power-ups and special abilities to utilize in a fight. As with many Battle Royale games nowadays, one of the first questions that come to mind is if it supports crossplay. We’re here to answer that very question.

Is There Crossplay in Rumbleverse?

Is There Crossplay in Rumbleverse?

Yes, Rumbleverse supports crossplay. Console and PC players can either link up for duos or engage in lobbies. They’ll just need to access the main settings in the game to configure a connection. Keep in mind that there are up to 40 players in a match, but you can still team up with your friends. If you choose to turn off crossplay, you might experience longer queue times with less dense populations.

To access the crossplay settings, switch over to the Account tab in Settings to find your Account ID and preferences. It’ll allow you to change the crossplay configuration from on to off if you prefer to stay within your platform’s area. Otherwise, crossplay is basically a default feature for all players.

If you wish to host a private match, Iron Galaxy has actually implemented restricted matches for friends who just want to play with their pals. You can experiment with this by going to the Social tab to generate and find invite codes. Click on Join Match to enter a specific invite code to play with your online friends. However, no experience points or any challenge progressions will be counted while in a private match. We can assume this is for players who are trying to exploit certain activities to further advance their accounts.

In addition to crossplay compatibility, Rumbleverse also features cross-save to ensure that you won’t lose any progression. The game’s publisher is Epic Games, so they definitely won’t have to worry about missing out on stats.