Run For Your Virtual Life And Charity In The Warzone 100km

In Call Of Duty: Warzone the goal is to kill everyone, but it looks like a peaceful event is taking place. The game is one of the more popular battle royales out there and clocks hundreds of thousands of players daily. This means it has such a large community with members who can all participate in the upcoming charity event. Warzone is planning a 100km virtual run with the goal of raising money for the Call Of Duty Endowment. This goes towards supporting employment for veterans whose experiences have helped shaped many Call Of Duty titles. Players will be able to clock kilometers from May 26 to June 3 to raise money as well as earn some in-game rewards with the top runners being ranked on the leaderboards.

Running Through Warzone

A product of Activision Blizzard, Call Of Duty: Warzone is one of their highest-ranked and most played titles. The goal of a typical match is a battle royale, where individuals or teams can compete to be the last ones standing. Many of the maps in the game are quite large which makes them perfect for hosting a huge virtual run. It appears that this 100km charity run will have all the makings of a marathon complete with arches set along courses to run during online play.

With plenty of virtual incentives to keep players interested combined with the challenge of seeing who can run the most in the week-long period, the event is geared to raise a lot. Members of Activision Blizzard have explained that for every ten virtual kilometers that a player runs, $1 dollar will be donated to the Call Of Duty Endowment fund.

Since 2009, the fund has had the goal of finding jobs for thousands of former soldiers. Despite its success, unemployment among veterans continues to be unfortunately high and this charity will be a tremendous asset to those still in need.

While players will still be able to log on and play Call Of Duty: Warzone normally, they’ll find lots of opportunities to run the 100km. Since running is key to staying alive, there stands to be a lot of overlap between gameplay and charity.