Saints Row Car Customization | How to Upgrade Vehicles

Cars play a vital gameplay role in Saints Row, there’s no doubt about it. Not only do we use them for transport, but also to help grow a criminal empire. We’ll always have trouble on our backs, which is why it’s smart to constantly upgrade your vehicles. This is easily done through the game’s car customization features, and you won’t have to go far to trick out your ride. Here’s how you can upgrade your cars in Saints Row.

How to Upgrade Vehicles in Saints Row 2022

How to Upgrade Vehicles in Saints Row 2022

To customize your vehicles, visit Neenah’s outside garage by the right side of the Saints HQ. There will be a button prompt that will provide access to your vehicle garage. Then, you can select whichever acquired car you have to start making some adjustments.

When it comes to customization, you’ll have a wide range of modifications to attach to your ride. These include visual presets, paint jobs, body mods, different tires, transmission audio, and equipment. Additionally, you can spend money to upgrade the car’s overall power and speed by purchasing Upgrade Kits for your cars.

You might have noticed the signature ability that can be unlocked for cars, too. Signature abilities are basically what they sound like: useful moves that can be performed on the road. To gain access to these, simply complete whichever stunts that the game assigns. Among these stunts are barrel rolls, stacked near misses, sideswiping, etc. Once you perform the required stunts, the signature ability will then be available for purchase.

If you’re ever by JR’s garage, you can alternatively stop there to upgrade a vehicle. So technically, you have two locations to go to for car customization. Even though it’s convenient to have a garage at the Saints HQ, having JR as a business venture doesn’t hurt. As long as you’re collecting specific rides for him, you’ll always have something new. Just be sure you’re not low on money. Investing in new car parts is just one business expense you have to worry about in Saints Row 2022.

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