Saints Row Co-Op | How to Play

Playing alongside a buddy of yours in Saints Row has been a staple in the series since the second entry. The two of you can cause massive amounts of mayhem while accumulating XP for your actions. Since the reboot introduces new features, veterans of the games might be surprised to see what’s fresh to the franchise. Instead of just driving around and shooting up enemies, the co-op allows players to do a bit more in Santo Ileso. Here’s how the co-op functionality works in Saints Row.

How to Play Saints Row 2022 Co-Op

How to Play Saints Row 2022 Co-Op

To start up a co-op session, choose the Co-op Campaign option from the main menu. You’ll be given a few choices: Host Game, Join Friend, Host New Game, and Matchmaking. Each variant of these co-op settings will allow you to jump into different games, depending on if you’ve finished the prologue or not. Additionally, you can also jump into multiplayer while already in the game. You would access the same settings through there if you’re out and about in Santo Ileso. They’ll be under Co-op, where you’ll be able to either join or invite a friend to play.

When you host a game, you’ll dive back into your current campaign while linking up with another player. If you prefer to stick with a friend, simply choose the Join Friend category for an available list of online pals. However, if you wish to start fresh, you can host a new game to witness it from the beginning with your teammate. And of course, you can alternatively enter matchmaking to connect to a session.

The co-op for Saints Row brings in new features to explore, as aforementioned. When you adjust your co-op settings, you can switch up permissions for HQ customization, pranking, friendly fire, and the session’s privacy. This is done so that your gameplay experience isn’t hindered or interrupted by discourteous players. These very settings enable more fun actions to do between you and your fellow Saint, so be sure to double-check them before diving into the co-op.

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