Saints Row Fast Travel | How to Unlock

Saints Row has a big open world, and you can drive around it as much as you want. Sometimes though, it’s just easier to fast travel. But with the world of Saints Row being brought into the modern age, how exactly does that work? What does it take to get around more quickly?

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Saints Row 2022

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Saints Row 2022

If you’re wanting to unlock fast travel in Saints Row, the bad news is it’s not very simple. While previous open-world games unlocked fast travel when you approached the location, Saints Row does things differently. You can realistically move into a new location and miss unlocking the fast travel for it.

While this may be frustrating at first, once you realize how it works, it’ll become second nature. To unlock fast travel, the first thing you’re going to do is open your map. Find the location you’re at or the location you’re trying to unlock. You’ll be looking out for the logo of a yellow train. Once you find it, hover over it with your cursor, and it should pull up an image of that location. On the phone where the image is, memorize what it looks like.

Then, head to that location. Once there, pull out your phone and try to replicate the picture found on the map. If you manage to take the picture correctly, you’ll unlock the ability to fast travel to that location.

This is how you’ll go about fast traveling throughout the world of Saints Row. It creates a sightseeing scavenger hunt for you. As you travel through the world, you’ll be remembering these landmarks which will make it easier for you to drive around. This can be applied to racing, or even a police chase you’re trying to escape from.

Fast travel is good for getting around quickly, but having you take pictures of locations helps you learn the map. Good thing you don’t have to choose.

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