Saints Row Fiesta Time | How to Unlock

Achievement hunting in Santo Ileso can be annoying if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The Fiesta Time achievement in Saints Row is an example of this annoying type of unlock. This is a somewhat vague option and requires quite a bit of investment to find. Since it is so hidden, it can be useful to just know what you’re gunning for so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it. And we think it is! It’s a really funny achievement that gets you a few items that are really fun to play with. So, let’s get this strange achievement!

How to Unlock Fiesta Time in Saints Row 2022

How to Unlock Fiesta Time in Saints Row 2022

The Fiesta Time achievement requires access to the Piñata Launcher and a Piñata stick. After launching a piñata with the launcher, you just need to slap it with your stick. Connect your hit successfully and the achievement will unlock. You don’t have a lot of time to attack the piñata after launch, but as long as you know how to quickly swap weapons, this achievement will be in the bag.

In order to get these cool weapons, you’ll need to go through the criminal ventures. The Piñata equipment is locked behind the Let’s Pretend venture, which is quite high-level and requires a Level 4 empire. This will take a long, long time, so be sure to farm whenever you can. Thankfully, these ventures and heists are simple enemy clears in most cases, so it shouldn’t be too annoying.

The stick is just a replacement for your crowbar, so it’s nothing special. No big mechanical changes or anything like that. The Launcher, however, is a unique and fun rocket launcher that’s worth considering for a weapon upgrade. Even if it comes in later in the game, this thing is actually decent crowd control. Consider it if you want to be wacky!

This achievement is essentially your reward for farming the level 4 criminal ventures. Whether you think the investment is worth it is essentially how much you want that Piñata launcher. The achievement itself is extremely simple once you get there, but offers no reward other than some achievement points.