Saints Row Hoverboard | How to Unlock

We all know that the action in Saints Row is insane, but the game also features a few surprises. Aside from the colorful gangs and customizable weapons, there are some vehicles that players might want to get. One of these very vehicles is the experimental hoverboard, designated as Prototype RTP 62-8S. This technological beauty is capable of emitting intense shockwaves and it can traverse across bodies of water. You’ll have to invest in your Criminal Ventures first before you can get the hoverboard, however. We’ll show you how.

How to Unlock the Hoverboard in Saints Row 2022

How to Unlock the Hoverboard in Saints Row 2022

To unlock the hoverboard, complete the “Alpha Test” mission that’s a part of the Eurekabator set of ventures. You can do this after achieving Criminal Empire Tier 2, which comes from the Criminal Ventures board at the Saints HQ. Purchase the Eurekabator Criminal Ventures for a hefty fee of $100,00. You’ll then link up with Chloe Morris, who’ll give you your first test drive/flight with the hoverboard. Follow her instructions and proceed with the “Alpha Test” mission. Once you complete it, the hoverboard will be parked in your garage.

The fact that this item is only obtainable via the Criminal Ventures, it might take some players a while to eventually get around to it. Especially with such a high price tag to even unlock Eurekabator, this is easily one of the more tedious ones to get. Regardless, it’s a cool vehicle to have in your garage. And it helps that you can travel across both land and sea with it while gaining some air.

Aside from purchasing the ventures, learning to control the hoverboard is a mission in itself. Since we’re used to cars and bikes, mastering the hoverboard with its crazy movements proves to be a rather fun challenge. Plus, it comes with a hoverboard slam that essentially creates a shockwave, blasting away anything within its proximity. A well-placed slam can potentially blow up any close vehicles by you, and it’s fairly easy to dart away from oncoming trouble with its launch. To trigger a slam, jump while on the board then press LT/LB for the controller and right-click for mouse & keyboard players.

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