Saints Row | How to Call in Allies

Everyone needs a friend. Thankfully, we have a whole gang to back us up in Saints Row. The franchise once again features the ability to call for help with the inclusion of your allies. These trustworthy companions can arrive on the scene to join you on your adventures. And since Santo Ileso is a big place with big trouble, it’s nice to have some allies by your side. Keep reading to learn how to call them in for backup.

How to Call in Allies in Saints Row 2022

How to Call in Allies in Saints Row 2022

You can call for help from allies by accessing the Contacts app on your in-game phone. You’ll initially start with your three closest friends: Eli, Kevin, and Neenah. As you progress through the game and complete activities, you’ll gain more Contacts for backup and services. Select an ally, they’ll quickly answer (if they’re available), and they shall arrive on the scene with their vehicles and weapons.

You can have more than one fellow member of the Saints join you, as well. Do exactly what did for your first ally, then repeat the process by choosing a second companion. They will, too, arrive wherever you are, ready to cause mayhem. Once you’re ready to ride solo, go back to the Contacts app and basically cancel on whomever you want to send home. They might not always be available to act as backup, but the app will tell you whether they’re free or not. Still, it’s nice to have some assistance by your side. Your Saints are also some fairly decent shooters, so wiping out any foes will be a walk in the park.

Although the Contacts app seems like the primary way to call for backup, there’s another way. The Intercession Skill, which is unlocked at level 17, gives you the power to instantly call for an ally. Obtaining this particular Skill might take some time for some players to get, so it’s best to stick with the Contacts route. You’ll only really have to use Intercession if you need immediate support. But by then, your character will have plenty of other Skills and Perks to utilize.

As a side note, be sure to stop inside Saints HQ to customize the look of your associates. Therefore, the whole crew can go out into Santo Ileso with some style!