Saints Row | How to Change Character Appearance

Since Saints Row allows you to be your own Boss, there’s almost no limit as to what you can create. With the game’s wide range of customizable options, it’s quite possible to replicate your favorite characters and people. From bizarre accessories to maddening body mods, the game has a lot for players to explore and unveil. But for some players, they’re artists when it comes to recreating famous faces. Here’s how you can change your character appearance for Saints Row.

How to Change Character Appearance in Saints Row 2022

How to Change Character Appearance in Saints Row 2022

There are two primary ways to change your character’s look, and both are accessible through your in-game phone. The first route is to modify your personal overall look with the Style app. Thanks to modern technology, we’re able to switch our clothing on the spot without resorting to a closet. And the other way is through the Sharing app. With this particular app, you’ll be able to browse through player-created characters for you to purchase and download (with in-game currency).

The Style app provides an on-the-go closet sort of setup. It works just like your regular closet, only this time you’re free to change outdoors. You can adjust your outfits, body type, skin color, hairstyle, head shape, facial features, tattoos, and personality. Of course, this is where the game invites you to fully express yourself as the Saints’ Boss. Additionally, you can always visit a store to add more items to your wardrobe.

Now, the Sharing app works a little differently. Instead of looking through your available clothes, you’ll instead scroll through other Bosses that were created by other players. You can look through the popular ones by browsing the Bosses. We found various famous characters that stood out, including Shaggy, Billy Butcher, John Wick, Mystique, and so on. Eventually, we went with the Heisenberg Boss, which comes from creator Matt_Green_Voli.

Let’s explore the Sharing app a bit further. You can Search by Tags if you want to filter different categories of pop culture (Film, Television, Video Game, etc.). If you already have a code for a certain Boss, you can enter it in the Search by Share Code option. Plus, you also have a Favorite Creators option where you can store up to 60 preferable artists, coupled with the Favorite Bosses and Upvoted Bosses choices to mess around with, too. Finally, you can Manage and Share Bosses where you can navigate through your available characters.

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