Saints Row | How to Name Your Empire

In the Saints Row reboot, you’ll be finding yourself running into achievement after achievement. And sadly, a lot of these achievements have kinda crazy names. The Name Your Empire achievement in Saints Row is one of these neat achievements that can be a bit confusing initially. This secret achievement, also known as “Making a Name,” might be of interest to many players looking for customization. This guide will go over what this achievement requires and what it means for you and your criminal empire.

How to Get the Name Your Empire Achievement in Saints Row 2022

Name Your Empire Saints Row

The Name Your Empire, or Making a Name, achievement comes from the story. Once you unlock the Saints Church in the early game, you’ll automatically gain this achievement. This is only a secret unlock to prevent story spoilers and has nothing to do with renaming the Saints. There is no way to rename your gang in the current patch of Saints Row 2022.

This is sadly not a secret achievement for any reason other than story progression. Once you reach the Saints Church mission, you’ll just automatically get the Making a Name, or Name Your Empire, achievement. This quest occurs quite early on, when the Boss moves their base of operations.

Getting to the Saints Church is a huge part of the storyline. You won’t be able to miss it, as long as you make progress on the main game.

Sadly, as of August 2022, there is no way to change your gang’s name. There are many, many parts of the story that talk about the Saints as a gang, so it is unlikely that the game will allow us to change our name at any point. This is fairly normal for the series, and frankly, being able to rename the gang would ruin the immersion of the storyline. We hope this doesn’t disappoint you too much!

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