Saints Row | How to Prank Co-Op Partner

Welcome to Saints Row! This reboot had us old fans of the series a bit worried that it would be unable to capture the hilarity of the rest of the franchise. While we’re no longer the president of the United States sprinting up buildings, the new game actually can be pretty goofy! One of the best ways to find the humor in Saints Row is by using a prank on your co-op partner. This system is one of the best parts of multiplayer play in Saints Row. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Prank Your Co-Op Partner in Saints Row 2022

How to Prank Your Co-Op Partner in Saints Row 2022

In order to prank your co-op partner in Saints Row, you have to make sure both you and your partner have pranks activated. For that, head to the Co-op part of the options menu and hover over pranks to enable the slider. This will allow prank challenges to appear during your session. When you complete these challenges, you can press left on the D-pad to automatically hit your partner with a prank. If using keyboard or another controller, it’s the same button used to change tracks on your Music Player.

Pranks must be activated before this will work. If you’re in a session, you will see the challenges appear on the right of the screen. If you don’t, check to make sure both you and your partner have the setting enabled.

Once you’ve completed a challenge, pressing left on the D-pad will activate a prank targeting your partner. These pranks are great, ranging from turning your partner into a toilet to throwing them around the town and more. So far, none of them have been that detrimental to the experience. But, it can distract you from completing the main story. Thankfully, once you’re done with the gimmicks, either player can turn pranks off in the option menu.

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