Saints Row | How To Upgrade Character & Stats

Saints Row offers the players multiple options when it comes to upgrading and customization. The series has always had its ways of improving your character to make them feel like they’re your own. But since things are rather different with this reboot, there are new ways to upgrade your character. It’s more streamlined to allow for an easier approach, so we invite you to read onward for our brief guide.

How to Upgrade Your Character and Stats in Saints Row 2022

How to Upgrade Your Character and Stats in Saints Row 2022

There are a couple of ways to upgrade your Boss character and stats. Firstly, access your in-game phone to find both the Skills and Perks apps. Each provides a different layer of enhancing your character. Secondly, both are continuously improved the more you play the game. Skills are acquired by leveling up your character through normal XP gain. For Perks, you’ll have to complete challenges in order to unlock them. Once you do, you can equip them with the aforementioned Perks app by selecting a perk.

Skills can work in multiple ways to help you out during combat. As you level up, you’ll gain access to various Skills. What these are exactly are extra actions that can be activated to clear out enemy forces. Your character comes with a Flow meter, which counts how many available Skills you can use within a short period. To refill the Flow meter, engage in firefights to increase the rate of resupply. While many of the Skills are quite tasteful in a fight, you can only have up to four with you. Leveling up also means additional upgrades for your health and Flow bars, though these come in between every few Skills that you achieve.

In the case of the Perks, they come in three tiers: minor, major, and elite. The more tiers you have open and available, the more you can utilize in Santo Ileso. Minor has two perk slots, major also has two, and elite only contains one. To open up these slots, you’ll have to toss in a pretty penny to get them. We recommend starting off slow with the minor perks until you begin to obtain steady income from your criminal activities.

Are you just diving into Saints Row but are wondering where the wondering where the original crew is? Our guide can assist you with that inquiry. And in case you may have missed a few details, we’ve also got the lowdown on the entire Saints Row series.

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